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When shipping a smaller quantity of items, pallet shipping is a preferred choice. Not only can you save on the space you occupy but you also save on the weight of these items. Generally speaking, each pallet can accommodate up to 10,000 lbs.

Pallets are a modular and universal method of storing & transporting goods. If you have small items & appreciate versatility, pallets are the way to go. Depending on the weight, most pallets are easily loaded by person or by a forklift. The configuration of pallets is almost universal across industries ensuring that loading, unloading, shipping & storing are met with ease.

An important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the shipment is secure. Items on the pallet itself might be prone to move around during transport. To avoid damage to the items, it is recommended to keep the movement to a minimum. Wrapping & enclosing the items on the pallet will ensure safe transportation of property.


A highly customizable option for shipping items that are either heavy, large, or fragile. Crate shipping allows you to curtail your shipment for your particular item. A crate option is well suited for small compartmentalized pieces that occupy the entirety of the create or larger items that wouldn’t ship well as is.

For example, you have an irregular item like a piano. A large, heavy & fragile item that needs to be securely packaged & packed so that it won’t move around during transport. Irregular shaped items like a piano would not fare so well being shipped as is. It is important to ensure that the extra space left over is occupied with other items or wrapped/cushioned enough to prevent damage to the shipment.

If you have fragile goods that occupy the entire crate, it is important to make sure that the items are packed as full as possible to avoid or minimize the items from shifting around. Creates are also practical to ship many items with. If you have many smaller items & do not want to ship them separately or spread out, you can consolidate all those items into one.


Container shipping is among the cheapest, safest, & most organized way to move your items. Businesses, governments & individuals rely on this form of transport. This is why container shipping has been the standard for decades.

We offer full container shipping (FCL) & less than full container shipping (LCL). What can fit in a container? The typical 20-foot container can hold the equivalent of either 50-60 refrigerators, contents of a 1-2-bedroom apartment, or two small cars. It is important to make sure that all of your contents are fastened, wrapped & packed tight to avoid items moving around.

Finding the correct carrier that can deliver your freight on time and in an efficient manner is not always easy. We have a network of carriers at your disposal. Compare quotes to get the best deal. Fill out the form to find out more.


Sometimes finding a carrier to ship out of the ordinary items is challenging. Luckily, finding the correct carrier for shipping and transporting heavy equipment is no problem. The logistics of shipping heavy equipment presents complexity in transport. There are more details and coordination to be worked out than typical shipments.

There are necessary steps to take in order to ensure that your equipment is protected & secured. There might be unfavorable circumstances in the transport process that are typical. It is best to be as prepared as possible. Ensuring proper packaging & security of your equipment are best practice.  

Tractors, cranes, forklifts & other industrial machinery all come in different sizes and weight. Heavy equipment has varying differences in weight anywhere from 3 tons to 35 tons. We have the experience necessary to deliver your industrial equipment where it needs to go.

It is essential to find the right carrier who specializes in heavy equipment shipping & is familiar with the challenges in hauling these items. We have a wide network of carriers whom we work  to get you matched with the right carrier at the right price.