With so many carriers, you could spend days online searching for the best deal. We’ll handle all of that for you. One call, chat or submission to us and we will do all the leg work for you. We’ll analyze your needs and match you to best shipping solution with the best rate possible.

Leave the Headache and Stress Behind.

Call us and we will search our database of over 100 trucking organizations to find you the best possible arrangements. We consider price, timing, and each company’s service record. We also give you access to our state of the art tracking system so you can keep an eye on exactly where your cargo is at all times.  Once assigned to one of your freight agents you will have personal care and a point of contact that is always there to help you with your shipping needs. All this combines to give you the peace of mind you have been missing in all of your previous shipping experiences.

Fastest and Safest Transportation

Discount Shipping Quote uses only carriers that we have personally verified to ensure the fastest and safest transportation of your goods. We continually screen the companies we use to make sure they have low damage claims and on-time deliveries.

By compiling a database of as many of these reliable companies as possible, we also ensure you the lowest price. Because we handle such a large number of shipping concerns we receive rates that are cheaper than those available to individual consumers or small and medium size companies.

Your Own Personal Freight Agent

You will also have access to your own personal freight agent to ensure your cargo is being shipped under safe conditions. Our agents go through a very specific training process to ensure they have the best customer service skills and know all the ins and outs of the shipping industry. Having one of these professional agents gives you the personalized service you won’t experience anywhere else.

No matter what the size of your shipment, you will have access to your own personal agent whom you can call, text, or email with your concerns anytime. We built our business on helping clients of all sizes

Affordable Prices

Using verified companies and providing a personal agent might make it seem like your price is going to be too high. However, think about the cost of having your cargo damaged, your shipment lost, delayed, or never delivered at all. We consistently follow your shipment online, contact the terminals, and call the transporters to take the best possible care of your shipment. We can spot and settle issues before they occur. And given the bulk rates we receive at Discount Shipping Quote, we promise you cannot find a better rate for better quality care of your shipment.